We meet and work with many industry professionals through Garage Door Fixer and our construction company. We do work for them, they do work for us, and sometimes we just work together. I can say for a fact, all of these companies and their owners have a common goal of providing the best service possible for their customers. They strive to be the best in their industies. The following are just some of our friends.                           


David D Cummings

4 Wall Properties LLC  (sister company)

Remodeling, siding, gutters, landscaping, windows, painting, exterior remodeling, and more ....

Website: www.ddcummings.com

Goss Management & Realty                                            Steven Henrich                                                           Other Organizations:
Sally Goss                                                                        The H Group Real Estate & Mgmt

1501 Macon DR Suite 200                                               1900 N. Bryant Suite 300

Little Rock                                                                         Little Rock, AR 72207                                              Better Business Bureau
Phone: (501) 225-7968                                                     Phone: 501-801-5868                                                     Arkansas
Website: www.gossmanagement.com                              Email: Steve@Hgrouprealestate.com                        Phone 501-664-7274 

_________________________________________        www.Hgrouprealestate.com 

Real Property Management

Robby Jones                                                                     Karen Boulton

(501) 834-1333www.ida.org                                              Admiral Moving & Logistics (Mayflower)

7600 Hwy 107 Suite F                                                       7424 Lindsey RD

Sherwood, AR 72120                                                        Little Rock, AR 72206

__________________________________________      (501) 223-6041                                    

Mike Hoffman                                                                    E-mail: k_boulton@admiralmovingservices.com 

Adkins, McNeill, Smith & Associates                                 http://admiralmovinglittlerock.com/

11621 Rainwood Road, Ste. 4
Little Rock, AR 72212
Phone: 501-224-3900                                                        Lewis Realty & Associates 
Fax: 501-224-6197                                                            6705 W 12th St Suite #2
Email: lisa@littlerockishome.com                                      Little Rock, AR 72204 
Website: http://www.centrarlarkansasliving.com               (501) 663-0077


Sandstone Real Estate                                                      Moses Tucker Real Estate 
1050 Bob Courtway Suite 103                                           200 River Market Ave Suite 501
Conway, AR 72032                                                            Little Rock, AR 72201

(501) 329-7263                                                                  (501) 376-6555

Jonathan Dobbins                                                              http://www.mosestucker.com/


Jacquelyn Twillie
Twillie Realty
1415 S University Ave
Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: 501-296-9000
Fax: 501-296-9022
Email: twillierealty@sbcglobal.net
Website: http://www.twillierealty.com