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 How to measure for a new garage door.


Whether you are replacing an existing door or building a new garage, the following will help you to understand how measure for a replacement door, build and prepare the opening, and things to consider. For you old timers that know everything, new garage doors may have different requirements than older ones due to changes in hardware, parts, and technology. Knowing whether your garage meets these requirements can help you when talking with the door company about installing a new door. Take these measurements before speaking with the door specialist and you can get more accurate estimates.

NOTE: If your garage does NOT meet these requirements or you have trouble understanding, our specialist will be happy to come out to look at your project and help with ideas and options.

See diagram below to see how to measure door & opening

To print these information you can use the following links;

Measuring a garage door.doc   or  Framing a garage opening.pdf

(if you need help please feel free to call us!)

# 1 Door Width ____________________  (measure inside the opening, or the existing door)

# 2 Door Height ___________________  (measure inside the opening, or the existing door)

# 3 Headroom Clearance ______________

# 4 Sideroom Clearance _______________________________________________ It is best to have a 2" x 6" on each side of opening to mount track on but we can work with less. They should start at the floor and go to ceiling (or at least 15" higher than opening). Metal or brick buildings may have something different. If you have something different, let the door specialist know.

#5 Backroom Clearance ________________________________________________ (distance on ceiling clear of support beams and obstructions from door opening to back of garage). If you have something in the way, let the door specialist know.

Note: All framing around the opening supports the weight of the door and should be fastened securely to the wall.